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About Us

Acusticare's History / Background

26 Years Ago…

Twenty six (26) years ago, Gerhard Vermaak started the clinic, initially taking off small with basic testing equipment and fitting of analogue Phonak hearing aids constantly growing and re-investing technological advancements, ensuring that hearing impaired sufferers have access to the most accurate and advanced hearing tests.

Besides the accurate hearing tests offered by the clinic, Gerhard fits and programmes some of the world’s most advanced Phonak hearing instruments.

Did you know?

“Hearing aid fittings may only be fitted by a Hearing Acoustician or an Audiologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.”

Acusticare’s Motto

We care at Acusticare – we believe that after sales service is of the utmost importance!

Although we supply premium Swiss quality hearing aids from one of the world’s market leaders in hearing technology – Phonak, hearing aids need attendance, cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis to ensure maximum longevity.

Hearing aids are the hearing prosthesis (ears) of the hearing impaired and when there is a dysfunction of the aid, the wearer’s communication is cut-off immediately, therefore we deliver a 5 day per week service from Monday to Friday 08h00 – 17h00.

Most repairs are done in-house.


Acusticare’s Equipment

Did you know?

According to law, all measuring equipment must be calibrated annually.”

At Acusticare, we pride ourselves on the latest equipment and keeping to legal requirements, our equipment is calibrated regularly, ensuring that all tests are of the most accurate.

Apart from the normal Air and Bone testing in a soundproof booth, we also do Auditive Brain Stem Responses, Auditive Steady State Responses, Oto-acoustic Emissions, Immitance Measurements, Reflexes, Pedo Audiometry, Industrial Hearing Tests as well as Hearing Protection, etc.