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      Naida B

      Phonak | Life is on

      The world’s most trusted power hearing aid!

      The Nadia B is the 5th generation of the world’s most trusted power hearing aid.

      • Developed for the broad diversity of severe to profound hearing losses.
      • More audibility of high-frequency sounds.
      • Excellent speech understanding.
      • Enhanced performance in noise nearby and over distance when combined with Roger microphone technology.
      • New easy-to-use rechargable model.


      Excellent first fit audibility.


      Proven access to high frequency information.


      Fitting flexability to meet complex needs.

      Naida + AutoSense OS

      Speech in loud noise is preferred by patients.

      • Better suppression of background noise.
      • Speech is more clear.
      • Decreased listening effort.


      Roger + Directional

      61% Improvement in understanding in group conversation with 75dBA of noise.

      24 hours of hearing in one simple charge!