Hearing is the key to the world

Hearing is the joy of living – the better you can hear, the better you find your way around in the world.

Better hearing makes it easier to join in daily life, and to be more confident in your work and with your family.  Most people take the gift of hearing for granted, and background sound is so much a part of their daily lives that they do not notice how the outlines of their soundscape are slowly becoming blurred.

Especially in noisy environments, it is the sounds in the higher frequency range that you find harder to understand, such as women’s and children’s voices

When these difficulties begin to arise, people usually subconsciously try to compensate by making a greater effort – reading people’s lips, relying on deductive reasoning and intuition to fill in gaps, using context to compensate for what you fail to hear, and constantly scanning your memory for helpful hints from previous conversations.  In a noisy environment such as a restaurant, all your efforts are focused on straining to filter out the background noise and understand what the speaker is saying.

All these compensatory efforts demand heightened concentration and constant attention.  At first, they calm your fears, because sometimes the compensation process goes really well.  Over a longer period, though, these strategies just become tiresome, and cannot be sustained.

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, or you think someone you love may be having similar challenges, visit Acusticare Hearing Clinic for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.  Call them at (014) 592-0677/0679 or stop by to make an appointment, at 45 Heystek Street, Rustenburg.